SMTPBeamer 3.49

SMTO mail server

SMTPBeamer is a complete Internet and Intranet e-mail server featuring the SMTP, POP3 and HTTP protocol. It works with:

  • Any POP3 client like Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, or Netscape
  • Any Web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer
  • Dial-up, dial-pp routers, ADSL and leased-line connections to the Internet
  • MIME and UUENCODE messages, even with a variety of different Western and Eastern European languages


  • Acts as the central repository for all electronic mail communication which come into and from your organization
  • Shares one POP3 mailbox at the ISP for a whole company by automatic address routing
  • Receive messages by SMTP and/or POP3
  • Scans inbound and outbound messages for viruses, even when the filename includes characters from foreign languages
  • Blocks spam mail by checking incoming messages against MAPS (Mail Abuse Protection System)
  • Runs as a service on Windows NT® or Windows® 2000/2003
  • Compresses messages when sending to reduce bandwidth (25% for zip files, 50% on average, 80% for WinWord and Excel)
  • Encrypts messages using SSL / TLS when sending

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SMTPBeamer 3.49